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Before You Invest in Crypto

Books, tools and videos to help you understand basics, protect your information, secure your assets and create a realistic investment plan.

You’ve been hearing about crypto for a while now, right? You’ve considered investing but you’re not really sure where and how to start. Did you Google and were simply overwhelmed by the countless results lacking any progressive order? Have you joined groups online to get more insight and found they were not very welcoming? Or perhaps you've tried free videos but many of the YouTubers use terms you don't understand and click so fast that you get lost trying to follow along? I know how you feel. I have experienced every single one of these.

Which of these is your biggest challenge?

Challenge 1: Much of the information that is readily available is also very technical. Is the tech fascinating and important? Yeah, but… you DO NOT have to understand tech to thrive in crypto. You can learn the practicality of crypto and still be successful. I’ve been in the crypto space since 2017 and I don't fully grasp the inner workings of crypto and blockchain. I do understand enough to know how to research, aquire, trade, secure and earn. So don’t worry. You’ll be fine getting started without understanding all the tech.

Challenge 2: You’ll often hear people and influencers say, “Get into crypto” ... “We are headed to a cashless society” ... “Buy the dip.” Do I agree with those statements? Yeah, but…are they also showing you how to prepare yourself properly? Have they simplified the fundamentals so that you at least have a basic understanding? Do you know how to protect your personal information? Lastly - and this is really important - have you taken steps to secure your assets so that they are not easily stolen or frozen and inaccesible on an exchange?

Challenge 3: Maybe you think you can’t afford cryptocurrency. That’s the beauty of crypto. There are no unreasonable minimums. You will often hear, “Never invest more than you can afford to lose.” Yeah but… how much is that for you? You will determine how much you can realistically afford, as well as set up a simple plan to comfortably and consistently invest.

The Crypto Beginners Bundle will help you with all of these challenges.

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What makes the Crypto Beginners Bundle unique? It is a structured, progressive process combining 3 essential components. You will receive:

Books - The Crypto Confidence Collection includes 4 tools to help you reach your crypto goals:

1. Start Your Crypto Journey in 3 Simple Steps, a beginner's manual which simplifies crypto and related processes so that you can begin your journey with clarity.

2. The Budget Journal will help you determine how much you can truly afford to invest in crypto and devise a plan so that you can invest consistently and comfortably.

3. The Gratitude Journal will help you get your mind right. Financial endeavors require the right mindset and practicing gratitiude daily helps manifest an abundance mindset.

4. The Super Handy Password Journal helps you save time and keeps you from clicking "forgot password". It also shows you how to create a secure password, which is vital in securing your cryptocurrency. This journal has made a world of difference for me and many others.

Tools - Two vital security tools that will help you organize and protect your access information, which is crucial as your cryptocurrency increases in value. The information stored in the security tools is not the same as the info recorded in your password journal. Saving crypto access information is much more important than saving your passwords.

Videos - We are not going to just send you books and tools and leave you to figure it out on your own. You will also gain access to a series of 5 clear, concise videos that will walk you through the steps so that you fully benefit from your books and tools.

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After 9 years in corporate and 17 years as a hair salon owner and international educator, I longed for time freedom. I began to research investment options so that I could earn money without exchanging my hours for dollars.

That search ultimately lead to cryptocurrency. The more clarity I gained, the more I wanted to help others better understand crypto. I also see many diving into crypto without taking preliminary steps to prepare.

The Crypto Beginners Bundle fixes this by showing you how to prepare and put adequate security measures in place. Not doing so could put your information and assets in jeopardy. This lack of security could prove to be incredibly costly as your cryptocurrency increases in value.

This is an on-demand instructional video series accompanied by the tools and information you need to independently prepare yourself BEFORE you dive into crypto.

After completing this series you will

understand crypto fundamentals

be much better prepared to safely acquire and secure your assets.

determine how much you can realistically invest in crypto.

create a plan to systematically invest in a way that is comfortable for you.


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The Crypto Beginners Bundle is for you if...

you are curious about crypto but want a better understanding before you get involved.

you want to know how to use or earn crypto and are not necessarily interested in the technology behind it.

you are just getting started in crypto and want to make sure you lay a solid foundation.

you already own crypto but are not sure if your assets and information are adequately protected.

you want to understand cryptocurrency before central bank digital currencies become widely available to the general public.


Why get the Crypto Beginners Bundle? Unlike other investments, YOU are responsible for protecting your own crypto assets and information. In most instances, if you lose your access info there is no customer support to call or option to reset your password.

You've probably heard those stories about people who have a million dollars in Bitcoin but can’t get to it because they lost their access information. Don’t let stories like this deter you from getting into crypto. Instead let them encourage you to learn proper security measures. It's not hard to do.

In a nutshell, to start your crypto journey the right way 4 goals must be accomplished:

(1) Understand the basics

(2) Protect your information

(3) Secure Your Assets

(4) Create an investment plan

The Crypto Beginners Bundle helps you achieve each of these goals.

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After purchasing your Crypto Beginners Bundle, your paperback books will be shipped but you can immediately download "Start Your Crypto Journey in 3 Simple Steps", the beginner’s manual ebook and get started today!

Special introductory pricing for a limited time only. Order now!*

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